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On October 22nd 2003 (at the time of launch also known as or HRPC ) was launched. This photo contest has gathered over 15K photography lovers. Hundreds of thousands of photos, millions of reviews and comments have been published. Heated discussions have been led and new friendships, both virtual and real-life, have been made.
As the existing sites no longer suited the users’ requirements, it was decided to develop completely new pages that will provide even more opportunities to gather photo enthusiasts.


Landing page opened for early-stage users subscription. Number of subscriptions is limited.
Closing early-stage users subscriptions and opening subscriptions for "day one" users. All early-stage users who decide to help us with testing will get access account.
30 days before launch day early-stage users will get a link to their profile page. That users will have priority to choose their nickname.
All users with subscription will get a mail a day before launch day.

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